The Top Luxury Hotels in the World

Care to sample and enjoy a life of caviar and champagne? Make sure that you pack your designer luggage for this expensive countdown of the worlds best luxury hotels below.

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

This luxury hotel cost about $3 billion to build. The Emirates Palace has 394 suites and rooms, 40  conference and meeting rooms, a myriad of pools, a white sand beach, a sumptuous spa, fountains, more than 1000 crystal chandeliers and marble imported from 13 different countries. The palace is like a pleasure fortress that also has a prestigious marina. If you want to enjoy luxury, then the Emirates Palace is the place to be. In addition, the environment and surroundings are lavish.

Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey

The hotel was built by a Russian tycoon by the name Telman Ismailov, in 2009. The building cost approximately $1.65 billion. The hotel boasts of having the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean region. The swimming pool can accommodate up to 1000 guests at a go. It is also famously known for being the most elite luxury hotel in Europe. Apart from the highly elegant interior and suites, there are also 17 bars, ten dining spots, a sunken aquarium filled with exotic fish and a lavish spa. Over 9000 tons of white sand was imported from Egypt just for the beach. The hotel also includes a 24 hour personal butler service.

The Westin Excelsior in Rome

The Western Excelsior hotel was built in 1906, and it boasts of an impressive pedigree in the whole region. Although most rooms are cheap, their most interesting piece is the villa la cupola suite that recently received a $7 million renovation package. This luxury hotel also features two full floors. This makes it the largest building in Italy. The hotel is endowed with hand frescoed cathedral style domes, modern high tech gadgets, sauna, a private fitness facility, steam bath, a Jacuzzi and a formal dining room. It’s a great place for those who have no money problems.

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

This hotel has a billowing sail shape. It is one of the most photographed luxury hotels in the world. Each room in this hotel is luxurious, filled with state of the art equipment. There are also wide arrays of futuristic dining as well as various nightlife options.  The guest care is extremely intensive. In addition, the hotel features a 24 hour butler service as well as a Rolls Royce driven by a chauffeur.

The Plaza in New York

Among the worlds best luxury hotels is The Plaza. This top notch hotel is the best choice for many VIPs who visit New York. The Royal Plaza Suite has incredible views of Manhattan. Each suite contains a dining room, a grand piano, a library, a full kitchen ideal for personal chefs, a gymnasium and a butler’s pantry. The suites also have their own elevators.

If you need help finding the worlds best luxury hotels, talk to Africa Safari Hunting Consultants. They will help you get the best luxury hotel at the best rate.

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What Makes a Great 5 Star Hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok?

Hotel star rating systems are globally recognised to indicate the hotel’s overall quality. However, there is no single set of standard that hotels across the globe should adhere to as each country follows its specific rating system established by the tourism organisations and government offices. A 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Thailand, for example, can acquire its stars through its level of service, amenities, cleanliness, location and price.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Thailand, an attractive destination for celebrities and tourists, sits on the top ten among all the nations in the world with the number of its hotels winning five star rating from several tourism magazines, shows and agencies. But winning the coveted rating is no easy feat.

Here are some of the things that make for a great 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit:

1.       Exceptional staffing levels with in-depth knowledge in all areas of the industry

2.       Excellent customer care and service

3.       All areas of the hotel must meet the highest standard in terms of cleanliness, maintenance and delivery of services

4.       Accessibility and availability of the hotel 24/7 all year round

5.       Improved services in valet parking, restaurant, reception and housekeeping

6.       Inclusion of at least one restaurant that is open to both residents and non-residents

7.       Inclusion of function rooms for special events and occasions

8.       Inclusion of permanent luxury suites

If you are planning on staying in a luxurious 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, it will be wise if you plan your vacation months ahead. That said, we have chosen one of the best luxury hotels in the city – The Continent Hotel – to give you a fun and memorable holiday.

The Continent Hotel is one of the most luxurious five star hotels not just in Bangkok but all across Thailand. Situated right in the heart of Sukhumvit, the hotel offers stunning views of the city, an easy access to elegant shopping malls, and a walking distance to the most thrilling nightlife scenes, entertainment areas and tourist attractions.

You’ll experience comfort and enjoyment with the hotel’s five star services and facilities, including:

·         24-hour reception and concierge

·         24-hour maintenance and security services

·         Room service until midnight

·         Swimming pool

·         Smoking and non-smoking rooms

·         Gym

·         Daily housekeeping services

·         Laundry and dry cleaning services

·         Free Wi-Fi access

·         Internet station

·         Airport transfer

·         Secured elevated car park

·         CCTV surveillance system, smoke detectors and sprinkles

On top of that, The Continent Hotel offers a world class variety of culinary selections – from traditional and local cuisine to international delicacy. In addition, they have two lovely dining areas, namely Medinii and Axis & Spin. Medinii is a lofty Italian restaurant incorporating an Asian twist to the flavor – perfect for fine dining with your special someone. On the other hand, Axis & Spin is a sky bar and lounge party – the ultimate relaxation venue set for cocktails and light snacks. The hotel also has an outdoor pool bar where you can enjoy the sun and sky, as well as a lobby bar and lounge where you can just sit back and relax. What more could you ask for? Contact The Continent Hotel today at 662 686 7000.

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Factors Do You Need To Consider When Choosing a Hotel in Sukhumvit

When planning for a vacation or business trip to Sukhumvit, accommodation is one of the key factors you’ll need to consider. The place you choose to stay plays a significant role in your overall experience. A good Sukhumvit hotel can make your trip all the more enjoyable while a bad one can dampen the experience.  In other words, your hotel choice can make or break your vacation.

As with many other travelers, you are likely to choose your hotel based on the price. Of course, the hotel price must fit into your budget since you wouldn’t want to end your trip with loads of debts. Even so, the price shouldn’t be the only issue to look at when choosing a hotel. Here are other important things you need to put into consideration when choosing a Sukhumvit hotel.

Accessibility and Location

Make sure you think about the location of the hotel before making your final decision. Is it easily accessible? Is it close to the places you intend to visit? If you want to be part of the vibrant nightlife, book a hotel within or near the city. This will not only be convenient for you but will also save you a great deal of money on transportation. If you prefer a serene and quiet place, choose one of the hotels in the countryside.

Hotel Amenities

If you are in Sukhumvit for leisure, then you should look for a hotel with entertainment and fun facilities. Things such as a massage studio, swimming pool and fitness center will enrich your trip. If you are traveling with your children, look for a hotel offering children playing facilities like a Kids Club, games and a children’s pool. If you are on a business trip, good Wi-Fi and internet services are some of the important amenities to look out for.

Family and Pet Friendliness

If you’re traveling with your family, be sure to select a Sukhumvit hotel that can comfortably accommodate everyone in your family. For the sake of the little ones, the hotel should provide certain facilities and services such as cribs, refrigerators in the room, round the clock room service, laundry services and on-site babysitting services.

If you are bringing your family cat or dog along, you need to choose a hotel that can accommodate them. Keep in mind that not all hotels allow pets. So, if the hotel accepts pets, is the place pet-friendly? For instance, do they provide pet food or do they provide dog run services?


Finally, it is good to stay in a hotel with a good reputation. Due to cut-throat competition, hotels are trying their best to develop attractive websites as a way of enticing potential clients. Don’t be swayed by such websites so fast. You need to do some little research and find out if the hotel truly provides what it displays on its website. Check out the testimonials on their website and the reviews published by different travel websites. What are the experiences of their past clients? Are most of them satisfied with the services or are the testimonials and reviews full of complaints and regrets?

Staying in a comfortable hotel is not enough. Find the one that offers the best service at an affordable rate.

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What Every Budget Traveller Should Do When Booking a Cheap Hotel in Bangkok

As one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, Bangkok has a well-established chain of hotels and accommodations suitable for all types of visitors with different budget needs. Don’t allow your personal finance or other priorities take a toll on your vacation, book a good budget hotel in Bangkok to experience all the fun and excitement the city has to offer without burning your pocket.

Remember, booking affordable hotels in Bangkok does not necessarily mean being provided with a poor service or an inadequate room. It may mean having the opportunity to travel while being accommodated in a well-situated, inexpensive and clean hotel while still enjoying the balance on your bank statement. If you want to stay in some of the city’s prime areas, it pays to know which budget hotel is ready to provide you with quality services, comfortable nights, and most especially convenient access to the finest tourist attractions and business centres.

Here are some tips when booking a cheap hotel in Bangkok:

Time Your Bookingbudget hotel in Bangkoktime so you can get the best value for your money without running the risk of not getting a room at all. As much as possible, book months before the peak season so you can avail higher discounts. There are a lot of websites that you can use to check for room availability and price fluctuations all throughout the year.

Call the Hotel Directly

If you already have decided which hotel to stay at, calling the hotel directly can often result in better negotiations and rates. Since you are able to talk to the staff in real time, you have the chance to know in advance the rates that are not advertised online. You may also be advised the best time to travel so you can get the lowest rate.

Become a Member of Travel Associations

Members of popular travel associations can qualify for special rates for hotel rooms through their membership number. The membership alone can mean discounts, letting you save up to over 50% at major chains like Marriott and Sheraton.

Use Corporate Perks

While you may not know it, your employer can provide you with travel discounts. Some large corporations allow their employees to save a good deal from several hotels worldwide. Check with your human resources representative to know about this perk. However, don’t forget to make a comparison from other online travel agencies to ensure that your company rate gives you the best deal.

Choose Nasa Vegas

Situated at the city’s main downtown, Nasa Vegas Hotel is the perfect budget hotel in Bangkok, especially for the conscious travelers who want to experience luxury and comfort without breaking the bank. The hotel offers a good value for money that will truly make your stay a worthwhile one. Being a heartbeat away from everything under the city’s glorious sunshine, you get the best convenience for getting around. You can have an easy access to all of Bangkok’s leading shopping, sightseeing and business districts. The Bangkok Skytrain and Subway systems will surely let you travel throughout the city with so much ease.

For a good budget hotel in Bangkok, look no further than Nasa Vegas Hotel. Enjoy a 50% discount when you book your stay today.

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Why Employ Funeral Services In Sydney

Only people who have lost a loved one would understand how tough it is to bear with the loss. Arranging for the funeral ceremony, handling the visitors and performing the last rights properly is also tough. Since you are in a state of complete shock and confusion, things do not come to mind in an organized manner. You often miss things, cannot relate to the practical situation, and don’t know whom to talk to, where to go, etc. To handle these things, you can seek the services from firms which offer professional funeral services in Sydney, as they will take care of everything on your behalf.

When You Are in Total Grief and Confusion

A house which has just lost a member, a loved one, would be in deep grief and no member of the house, whatever is the age, or however, practical he or she may be, won’t be able to organize things with complete perfection. There are a lot of things and responsibilities to be performed when you are arranging a funeral. The coffin, the flower garlands, the priest, the supporting men, water and refreshment for the visitors, someone to talk to the visitors and handle chaos, all need attention. And no family member can be in a sound mental state to handle all these. However, there are people, who work in teams and are professional in handling all these and much more in a very organized and sympathetic way. To make sure that you perform the last rite of your dear one in a sensible and perfect manner, you must, therefore, employ one such funeral services in Sydney to help your family in the crunch hour.

Why Choose a Good Funeral Service

With employing a good service provider, you will not have to take the burden of organizing the small and big things. You won’t have to look after the visitors, won’t have to arrange the seats, won’t have to think of accommodating people, won’t have to think of taking care of their basic needs, and won’t have to think of arranging transport for bringing the body or taking the body to the burial, etc.

A good service provider would take care of all these; from transport to permission and everything. Often it happens that your dear one is lost in some other city or state, and then you have to bring the body or have to bring the same from the local hospital, etc. These things are very gently and systematically taken care of by the funeral services in Sydney. More importantly, these service providers know well, whom to talk to and who to not in such sensitive hours. They are careful enough not to disturb a member or visitor through the preparations in any objectionable way.

The web gives you access to a nice list of service providers, among whom there are many who have already gathered good experience in handling many such funerals. You must take a note and contact them in your crises before you get too paralyzed with grief and unmanageable responsibilities in the situation.

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Take Up Volunteer Work and Change Lives

Volunteer work is about doing something good to change lives of others. Most volunteers direct their efforts to far-flung communities where life is difficult, due to poverty, poor health and sanitation activities, ineffective communication and more. Being an act of good for deserving communities, voluntary service is driven by interest, desire, and willingness to serve people, animals, and communities without expecting any form of monetary payment.

A person who volunteers to serve simply chooses how, where, why, and when to get involved. It all comes from a personal decision to serve other people who, in most cases, are not relatives to the volunteer. Volunteer work is common worldwide and anyone can choose to join others in doing the good work.

volunteer work

In Australia, Involvement Volunteers International has been involved in supporting and creating worldwide volunteers. Since its inception in 1989, the organization is on the forefront to ensure a safe and proper placement of volunteers in various places across the world. Some of the countries in which IVI has done placement include Fiji, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and others, where volunteers take up service in a wide range of areas including animal care, medical jobs, and community service among others.

When one chooses to join volunteer work, it is important to consider the organization responsible for placement. Many organizations are out there that claim to support volunteers but fail to provide the required assistance. To ensure that it conducts a safe and secure placement of volunteers, IVI offers volunteer programs that are affordable and safe and exposes volunteers to a vast range of ethical and unique experiences, rarely available in tourist maps.

In addition to opportunities it offers gap students, travelers and corporate professionals to serve as volunteers, the organization provides each volunteer with expert advice before he or she takes the job, during his or her stint as a volunteer, and even after the expiry of voluntary service.

For instance, if a person wishes to take up voluntary service in Fiji, IVI organizes for travel insurance arrangements, completion of visa processing, and offers much information the person needs to know regarding working as a volunteer in Fiji. Some of the areas of service for volunteers include medical assistance, teaching programs, and service to orphaned children.

In medical service, volunteers work together with local health professionals to disseminate information about healthy living practices, and sometimes they treat minor conditions in the local population. In working with animals, volunteers support disadvantaged species of animals by preserving their habitat, providing them with necessary support, and teaching communities about the importance of having the endangered species in the society.

Alternatively, volunteers engaged in teaching provide English language teaching to learning institutions where they do not use English as a first language. In community service, they can take up community farming activities such as organic farming, irrigation and other community building services. In the end, volunteer service is fun, individually and communally rewarding. Whether you are looking for Cambodia volunteering programs or you want to serve in Sri Lankan farms, IVI is the organization to approach for placement.

For more inquiries, just visit

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Living the dream: Tropical lifestyle

Exotic, tropical, magnificent, fun and rich in culture are just a few among the many words that can fully describe Thailand. Known for its radiating tropical sandy beaches, dazzling temples, thick jungles, crystal clear blue waters, and exquisite cuisines, Thailand is definitely the place to be. Defined by pure glamour, yet cheap and safe, equipped with essential modern amenities, there is absolutely something for everyone here. With the increasing number of tourists flocking yearly to have a taste of this beautiful land, the real estate industry certainly is among the top beneficiaries. Every day numerous residential buildings ranging from bungalows, apartments, villas, and condos, are constructed just to cope with the high demand. And what a perfect way to start this journey by living in a private pool villa in Thailand.

In most cases, the tropical lifestyle usually seems like a dream that hardly becomes a reality, but not in Thailand. All these are aimed to offer travelers the impeccable dream vacation, a combination of luxury and nature’s utmost beauty.

So, are you looking for a private pool villa in Thailand?

Every visitor in Thailand has different specifications, especially when it comes to getting the perfect villa, a place to spend and enjoy the time of their lives. Some villas may have certain specifications that may not be present in others. Of which some services may be offered upon request, which may include:

ü  Private dinners or in room barbeque.

ü  Private massage in the villa.

ü  Thai cooking classes.

ü  Yoga classes.

ü  Air conditioning.

ü  Satellite television

ü  Dry cleaning and laundry services.

ü  Minibars

ü  Privacy

ü  Some may depend on the packages being offered.

Some of the factors that may be considered when looking for a private pool villa may include:

i.            The location – Luxury villas can be built anywhere depending on the development site. Some may prefer being closer to the coastal shores, waking up to a private infinity pool, with an oceanic panoramic view. While others may prefer being closer to lush, green vegetation with a spectacular mountain view; the choice is yours. Therefore, when looking for private pool villa, ensure its location is great to make every minute of your stay worthwhile.

ii.            The size – Also, every villa comes in different sizes depending on the number of bedrooms it has. Always ensure it is accommodative for you to have a very comfortable stay.

iii.            The space – Everyone dreams of a very spacious villa, with a sophisticated interior décor, with very fine and artistic details that make the room warm and welcoming.

iv.            Amenities – This should also be a very key factor to consider when looking for a private pool villa. Not every time you’ll be staying indoors. Therefore, what amenities are closer to your villa? This will make it much easier to access various services and also tour around the place to make your stay more interesting. It should also be easily accessible.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Make sure you check out a private pool villa in Thailand; you might just get the perfect one for you!

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Advantages of selecting a hotel near Central World

Finding accommodation in a prime location in Bangkok can be nerve wracking for there are so many hotels in such areas, all boasting of different services each with unique advantages. Finding a hotel near central world can be very rewarding as hotels here are easily accessible, have good facilities, and have good ratings among others as discussed below.

Accommodation services

The hotels near central world offer a variety of accommodation services. This is great for they can fit into any budget. There are cheap hotels for those working on tight budget, and luxurious hotels for those with a lot of money to spend. Another good thing is that they have rooms that can fit into different budgets right from premiere, executive, junior to presidential suites. While determining the hotel you want to stay in, you should also put into consideration the number of days you will be able to stay there, and how many you are to determine the best rooms.

Location and accessibility

A hotel near central world is very much accessible. You can easily get to it as transport is easily available like the BTS sky train. This also makes making trips to town easier for visitors. It’s also a prime location as it guarantees access to banks and other facilities like the hospital as the central world is a huge shopping mall, thereby making your stay in Bangkok very comfortable. For those in Bangkok for business meetings around the area, this would be a good place to find a hotel accommodation as it is easily accessible in terms of transport, hence, eliminating the risk of getting late.


Many hotels near the central world have good facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, and gym among others. It’s up to you to identify the specific facilities you would want to access as you choose your hotel of choice. Some hotels also are family friendly with services like the baby pool and playgrounds while others are not. It’s important to do research well in case you will be travelling with kids.

Ratings and reviews

Most hotels near the central world are rated with stars such that the higher the number of stars, the better the quality of the hotel. You can, however, be easily spoilt for choice as most have good ratings. The most highly rated also end up being the most expensive. It’s therefore, good to keep checking your budget as you take your decisions. Also, go through the online reviews to help you determine a good place to spend your holiday.

Every hotel near central world boasts of good location and accessibility. These hotels are also close to facilities like the bank and shopping mall. Another good thing is that they mostly have good facilities and have a variety of hotel accommodation services. The decision, therefore, lies on you as to which one to choose. Viewing online reviews and checking the hotel ratings can be important tools that can help you decide easily on where to stay.

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The Phuket Luxury Villa Wedding Of Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of that perfect wedding? Do you dream of having a beach wedding in exotic Southeast Asia? If you are looking for the ultimate luxury and privacy then you might want to take a good look at what Phuket, Thailand has to offer. Thailand has been known to have the finest and most exotic white sand beaches in the world. Wouldn’t that be a perfect backdrop to the wedding of your dreams? With amazing private villas for your family and loved ones, your wedding in Phuket, Thailand might be just what you are looking for. With stunning ocean views and panoramas to take your breath away on your big day and a polite and friendly staff that will make your dream wedding just perfect, consider looking into Phuket in Thailand. It may just be what you are looking for. A Phuket luxury villa wedding is ideal for couples who want to veer away from the traditional church or hotel weddings, however, this location wedding would be definitely an unforgettable occasion.

A favorite destination in Thailand for a Phuket luxury villa wedding is the Keemala Resort. It is a luxurious getaway nestled in Kamala in the west coast of Phuket near the Patong Beach and the Surin Beach. It is hidden in a hillside and away from the crowds yet it overlooks the Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea.  It is a welcoming reprieve from those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life or want to experience unforgettable occasions such as weddings, honeymoons, birthdays or what not with family and friends. It welcomes you to its lush evergreen wonderland with open arms.

For intimate weddings, Keemala might just be a perfect choice. Imagine a glorious backdrop of forest and waterfalls. What can you ask for? The resort not only boasts of their Phuket luxury villa wedding package but they can also create a bespoke marriage ceremony just for you! Whether you want a traditional wedding or an inspired wedding, they can cater to all your wedding needs. The couple will also be treated to the following:

  • A bottle of champagne to toast your new union
  • 90 minutes post wedding ‘Balance Massage’ for the bridal couple
  • Bridal manicure and pedicure at Mala Spa

Keemala is also located near the Phuket International Airport. It is just a 40-minute drive from the via airport transfer service or a metered taxi according to your preference so there is no need to worry about your guests finding the location remote and inaccessible.

Try the Keemala experience. The luxury villas offer privacy, first class accommodations and the ultimate indulgence for your special day. Your family and friends will rave about it and thank you for years to come. It will be an experience worth sharing after all. We believe that magical days require magical setting and Phuket may just be the perfect destinations. The resort’s villas may be ideal for big wedding parties or intimate ones. So if you decide to have a celebration of your love and a gathering of a lifetime, think about Phuket.

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Discount Hotel in Bangkok – Has to Meet All the Criteria

Bangkok is quite a happening place. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people, mostly foreigners, arrive and take off from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and some stay for a short duration on business or a slightly longer trip for a vacation in Thailand. Whatever the purpose of the trip, they all look for a hotel to stay. If you can get a nice little place but a discount hotel in Bangkok, that would make you feel great that you get best of everything.

All Facilities That a Good Hotel Can Offer

While you normally look for a hotel to stay, there are a few points you would want to be sure of before you go ahead and make the confirmation. These will start with the rooms being spacious, cleanly maintained and with a great bed and some optimum furniture. The bathroom needs to be in a hygienic condition and again, its proper upkeep twice a day will be essential. These are generally services most star hotels offer you. But in addition to these, there are a number of other facilities and features you would usually want in a hotel that you would choose.

The additional features can start with friendly and helpful hotel staff. They should be able to understand and if possible anticipate your needs and be ready with the solutions. When you check into a discount hotel in Bangkok, you would want the staff to converse in a language you can understand, like English, if you are not familiar with the local Thai language.

Additional Facilities

A modern traveller and hotel guest has other needs, like a fitness centre with the latest equipment and easy access by the guests. Another one is a good spa. The swimming pool is of course a normal amenity in any good hotel. With all these facilities, the guest gets to enjoy the stay and will actually feel ‘at home’

Location and Accessibility Also Matter

Among the other aspects a traveller looks for in a discount hotel in Bangkok would be where the exact location of the hotel is. The ideal location would be somewhere in the centre of Bangkok. From here, most of the shopping conveniences can be close by and the guest could do all the shopping he or she wants, without getting tired.

The other aspect would be the ease with which one can reach from the Bangkok airport to the hotel. The Skytrain is very popular in the city and connects all parts of the city and there is the subway system as well. These are faster and cheaper modes of transport within Bangkok, and you should choose a hotel which is located closer to one of the BTS stations. The business traveller will also consider this particular feature important, since he or she will have to keep travelling, meeting business associates and clients. It saves a lot of time and expense if the hotel has good connectivity.

Lastly, the food being served in the hotel’s restaurants will also be considered. If guests have stayed and liked the food, they will definitely want to come back and enjoy the hospitality.

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